James Wisniewski Hockey Profile and Stats

Ice hockey is a popular sport in America and Canada, adored and followed by many for its unique aspects because it puts sports in a totally new perspective. They are quite a few amazing hockey players in the world and James Wisniewski is one of them. Some may even say one of the best ice hockey players ever. The defense man is an American citizen who is currently an unrestricted free agent. This is a website devoted to both the player and the game.

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James Wisniewski Tattoo

There are few things more personal - or permanent - than a tattoo. Usually the story behind the artwork is as interesting as the tattoo itself. Here's the scoop on James Wisniewski's honorable ink, from James Wisniewski himself.

WIZ Wear

Launched in 2008, the WIZ Wear clothing line breaks down boundaries often created by the competitiveness of sport. With a hockey theme, a hint of Polish heritage, and unique custom logo designs, the James Wisniewski clothing line shows off a flair for the game, with an allegiance to style. www.wizwear.org

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WIZ Fun Facts

  • Nickname is "Wiz"
  • Born in Canton, Michigan and continues to spend time in his hometown during the off-season
  • His parents have had the greatest influence on his hockey career
  • Favorite vacation spot is Maui
  • Chris Chelios was his hockey idol growing up