Betting on NHL Games

National Hockey League - The Most Prestigious League

The National Hockey League is a premier league of professional ice hockey of the world from North America. At present the league has 31 teams: 24 of them belongs to the United States of America and the rest is from Canada. The Stanley Cup , the most famous & historic trophy of North America is handed over to the winner of NHL. The NHL betting trends and odds are one of the most revered sports betting of the world. You might be interested to see how the current pandemic affected the world of sports, particularly hockey. Discover here how UK online casinos managed to satisfy the bettors in this time of sports lockdown.

Understanding Hockey Betting Lines and Odds

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Ice hockey looks simple on the surface but involves quite an intricate detailing. The basic of the game seems to be just getting the puck in the net. But the rest remains under the hood. NHL betting trends are a lot more than just the knowledge of the players, the teams, and the basic strategies.

There are different categories of NHL betting trends and odds associated with the game of ice hockey:

  1. A money line bet: being the most popular type of bet, it is done on the basis of the prediction on who will win the match.

  2. Puck line bet: more or less similar to the money line bet, just that the team has to win or lose by 1.5 goals

  3. Over under bet: this one is about predicting whether the total number of goals attained is lesser or greater than the designated number

  4. Prop bet: when you attach a wager to a proposition, its called the prop bet. For example, if you throw a challenge to your friend to finish a large size pizza, if he can you will pay him $5 if he can't he will pay you. That is a prop bet

  5. Future bets: it is about betting on a game in the coming season that has not even taken place

Now you know how to bet on the next hockey match. You just need to choose a good no deposit bonus from online casinos that can give you up to $100 free money to test your hockey knowledge without risk.

Upcoming NHL Matches, Odds And Predictions

The roster for the upcoming matches of the Stanley Cup is as follows:

Friday. May 17.2019 – Teams San Jose with St Louis

Sunday. May 19. 2019- Teams St Louis with San Jose – 3.00PM

Tuesday. May 21.2019- Teams San Jose with St Louis- 8.00PM

Thursday. May 23.2019- Team St Louis with San Jose- 9.00 PM

These matches present a great opportunity to bet using the nhl betting trends on your favorite team picks and players. The easiest and the most convenient way to do this is to use legal mobile casino apps .These legal casinos offer various casino bonus that in turn could be used to make a bet. You can also play a few slot games for free. Sports betting on hockey is an easy way to make real money using a casino bonus while watching your favorite game at the same time. You could also check out the slots games selection.

So this hockey season makes the most of it. Cheer for your favorite team and earn good money.