Wiz Wallpaper Design Giveaway!

How creative can you be? Vincent Chiasson-Labonville designed a Wiz Desktop Wallpaper and shared it on James Wisniewski Fans wall. Can you be as artistic, or do you think you can do even better? Post it to the James Wisniewski Fans wall. Deadline will be May 18th at 12:00am est. We will make a photo album of them all and start the liking (voting) then. The winners will be Featured Downloads at jameswisniewski.com

Also James himself will be picking one winner from the entries. That person will win an autographed Official NHL / Montreal Canadiens Puck.

Some other details you should know:

The background of the entry must be 1024px by 768px, with any colors and features. When the results are announced, we will be asking for the original file.

Entry must be entirely the Entrant's original work.

You can not win for both Wiz's Choice and LIKING!

Please also enable your email address on your facebook profile so if you are a winner we can contact you.